Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Advice

Matchday Nutrition Advice

Although we understand that everybody is different and have different dietary requirements the coaches have prepared the following guidelines (which are not rules), hopefully the players will benefit.

This advice is to help the player play better and enjoy the experience.


Cereal, toast (with jam, but no butter), fruit, milk, fruit juices - NO FRY UP

Lunch (Approx 12-1pm)

Pasta bowl, jacket potato, sandwich, cereal bar, fruit, fruit juice, water - small portions but enough that they don't feel hungry.

After lunch snack about 2-2.30pm - banana, apple, orange, plain bread, nuts, bread sticks or half a cereal bar and plenty of water only.

After the match

This is where they can eat their favourite stuff (healthy or unhealthy, even McDonalds), but it is important for them to eat as soon as they can.

They can also have a homemade isotonic drink after the game (much better than Lucozade or similar). 1. Water, 2. Squash, 3 Pinch of Salt


Nutrition Advice