Game Day Jobs

All Game day jobs need to be filled in order for a match to take place. An ice hockey game can turn out to be quite an event, and it needs the help of all our parents to make it happen. We would like all parents to get involved, and not leave it to the same parents to fill the jobs for each game.

Programme Production

Production of a match day programme, and to organsie delivery and collection to the printers.

Time Keeper

Control of the scoreboard. Responsibilities include starting and stopping the clock during stoppages in play, updating the scores and periods, and adding the penalty details to the scoreboard.


At the end of each game a gamesheet needs to be updated and submitted. The gamesheet basically contains the statistics of each player (goals/assists/penalty minutes) and will need to be signed by the game day officials and teams head coaches on completion.

Goal Judge (x2)

There are two goal judges, one behind each goal. The goal judges responsibilities are to record the amount of shots on target, and goals scored against, the netminder he/she is watching for each period, and to turn on the goal light for each goal scored in the net they are responsible for .


The DJ is responsible for playing pre/post game music, for announcing each player prior to face off, and announcing goal scorers and penalties.

Penalty Box (x2)

Each penalty box (one home, one away) needs to be controlled by game day staff. Responsibilities would include opening the penalty door, and arranging for that player to return to the ice. The penalty box representatives our responsible for all aspects of the penalty box, so will need to make sure players are monitored..

Programme and Raffle Ticket Seller

Raffle ticket, and programme ticket income is crucial to the club, and helps pay match fees and the running of the club. Please get your best selling hat on!..

Cake Seller

The cake seller is responsible for arranging "cake makers" bringing cakes to the rink, and then selling those cakes.